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  • Accord QS – Rooftop reclamation

    Accord QS – Rooftop reclamation

    Rooftop Reclamation raises an interesting question. With the increasing density of our cities, Australians are starting to rethink how our urban space is configured. With space at such a premium, why is it that so much of our urban area is inaccessible or underutilised? I’m referring to the rooftops (and most balconies and terraces) of medium to ...

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  • Accord Quantity Surveyor NEWS – Sydney House Price Records
  • Accord Quantity Surveyors Sunshine Coast Investment Properties
  • Tax Depreciation Schedule

    A Tax Depreciation Schedule is used by your accountant to claim depreciation on a property. This depreciation report contains the information that your accountant will need to calculate the tax advantage available on income producing properties. Depreciation accounts for wear and tear. Like cars or computers, properties wear out. Furniture, carpet, stoves ...

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